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Hi, welcome to the Nastromy testing family

Nastromy - An app to explore the space from your finger tips. It will show you a list of Astronomy Photo Of The Day (APODs) release by NASA everyday. You can see the astronomy photo, learn more with its description either by reading your self or with our special reading feature, add it to favourite, share it with your friends, and much more. Not agree yet? Let me help you to make your mood to download this app :) - If you're an astronomy or astrophotography lover? - If you get amazed with NASA's shared photos. - If you wanted to become an astronomer. If yes, don't wait, just hit the download button :) If no, I still advice you to download to learn more about astronomy. :) ● Features: - Regular updates for NASA's APOD - Read more details about each APOD - Read APOD's explanation - Add/Remove APOD to your Favourite list - Save to your Photo Albums - Share with Friends - Load HD Images - Background Refresh

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